I've registered this domain so that my family and I could get websites with appropriate domain names. If you are so lucky to have Snoeyink as your last name and would like a varient of ______.snoeyink.org  please send me an email. I will be happy to forward a domain somewhere and I would even be willing to host a website if you like (pretty much for free, it would depend on how much bandwidth and storage you used).

Eventually I want to set up a geneology website here but that will kind of have to wait for some free time on my part. If you don't really care about any of the above stuff but would like to contribute some family tree information or are curious about where you fit in feel free to email me about that as well!

So far, these domain names are spoken for:

craig.snoeyink.org - Craig Snoeyink

m.snoeyink.org - Matt Snoeyink

jim.snoeyink.org - Jim Snoeyink

venus.snoeyink.org - Venus Snoeyink

  Craig Snoeyink